What Our Clients Say

"Jer came by today to lay down some traps for mice in the garage and the house. He's a perfectly cordial gentleman who explained exactly what he was doing and what the cost covered. He even offered to spray a wasp nest in the garage for free.

I'd recommend Jer for professional pest-control needs. I know what he did today is working because I can hear the mice chewing away at the bait in the trap. Looking forward to a mice-free house this fall and winter because of Jer."
  -Hashem Hmd UE

"Great service, great price and very informative and honest man."
   -Rick Dubeau

"Our wasp problem was way outside my comfort zone. Coutts Pest Control arrived on time and dealt decisively with those wasps. Laid the sledgehammer on them. Jer knows his stuff. Nuff said."
  -John Woodward

I’ve used Coutts Pest Control on a couple of occasions, for different pest related issues. On both occasions, the service received was friendly, knowledgeable, and as promised. The service was explained in advance, including the expected results, warranty, etc. – No surprizes. My pest problems were solved quickly and properly. The work was done right the first time and I will use Coutts Pest Control for any future pest control needs.
  -Jeremy Sprott

I would like to describe my completely successful experience with Coutts Pest Control. Upon reporting to Mr. Coutts that we had a “rodent” of some kind burrowing under our garage Mr. Coutts was on site within 24 hours.
Within only a day or so he had determined that we had a ground squirrel problem. He offered some alternatives to dealing with the problem and we chose one that ended the problem almost immediately.
My wife and I were most grateful to Mr. Coutts for his swift action in taking care of this worrisome problem.
I would highly recommend Coutts Pest Control’s services to anyone that has an insect or rodent problem.
Coutts really does “give pests the boots!
  Sincerely Steve and Jean McCulloch, Petawawa, ON

*** Public Advisory Notice from Coutts Pest Control ***
If you have bed bugs, you might be tempted to try a do-it-yourself solution. however, do-it-yourself bed bug extermination is a very bad idea… here’s why.
One of the products people commonly try when to use for do it yourself bedbug care is Diatomaceous Earth (DE) -- a white powder that comes in a bottle. People buy DE from the store and "dump" it everywhere. It is often dumped in and around beds (adult, children and infant beds), around the baseboards, carpet, etc.
The problem is that DE is HARMFUL when inhaled. It can cause asthma, bronchitis and in severe cases, cancer. I also know from personal experience - I accidentally inhaled DE when I lifted a mattress that had DE between it and the box spring. When I unknowingly breathed in the DE dust particles, my eyes, nose and throat burned for a few weeks. If it does that to a grown man, imagine what kind if damage would it do to children or infants when spread on their beds?
DE should be kept out of the reach of children and precautions should be taken to ensure it is never inhaled. All too often, I find these precautions are not being taken and people are putting themselves and their families at risk.
When considering "do it yourself" pest control, be sure to read, understand and follow the product labels. If you can’t understand, are unsure or can't be bothered to read the labels --  don't use them. Call a professional who can safely take care of your bed bug problem.
Also of note -- DE does not have a great long-term effect against bed bugs. It is designed to work by being spread in the infested area and bed bugs walk over the dust which penetrates through the wax coating on the bed bugs and dehydrates them. The problem is... when a bed bug’s coating and exoskeleton has be damaged, it feeds (on peoples’ blood), sheds it’s skin and is as good as new within days.
If you find you have a bed bug problem, DON’T do it yourself. Contact a professional. We have the needed expertise and carry the proper equipment, tools and products necessary to perform the treatment safely and efficiently.

What Our Clients Say

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