How Pest Control Clients Are Getting Screwed

I was at a client’s house spraying for spiders and while I was doing the job I noticed rat tunnels at the front step. I also noticed other rat tunnels and mouse holes around the garage and along the side of the house. 

Furthermore, I saw an exterior bait station (its a locked box containing poison for rodent control) about twenty feet away from the problem… and I saw another two bait stations around the outside of the house.

I noticed by the look of the bait stations that nobody had looked at them in some time. The name of the pest control company was on the bait stations and I recognized the name. This company is considered to be a “reputable” company. It struck me as interesting and I found myself musing, “Why the client would have me treat for spiders when he has dealt with this other company before.”

When I was getting payment for the job I made mention about the rats. I asked when the last time this company was there. The client said they were last there in June to start the war against the vermin. Hmmm. Three months since anybody has been there. The client also informed me he has caught several rats and mice since this company has been there.

The client has spent a few hundred dollars to have his problem dealt with and what kind of results does he have to show for his money?

It is clear, based on the results delivered, that all the company ever wanted was his money – and that ridding him of his problem wasn’t important.

Any rodent programme needs to be watched carefully. We are back at the client’s house guaranteed between 2-4 weeks after the first visit. At times earlier depending on the situation.

You pay good money for pest control treatments and should expect to have your problem solved in a timely manner. It is disrespectful to you when nobody shows up for months and the you are left to trap and remove rodents yourself after you’ve paid someone to do the job.

Have you been taken advantage of by a pest control company? Don’t stand for it.