Services Offered


Coutts Pest Control offers piece of mind for your home and occupants. Remember pests don’t pay rent so don’t let them stay for free, evict them now!


Seen unwanted pests in your place of business? Worse you’ve been told by customers about a problem? Call us; we will get you set up with a regular programme to get your problem under control. We will place, traps, monitors and baits (in inconspicuous spots) to reduce and monitor the problem.

Don’t have a problem but want to ensure no problem comes? We provide a service for you too. We will set up a programme with monitors and traps. Keep an eye on things for you before a major problem happens


Time is money! We understand this; it is unacceptable for equipment, personnel and areas to be shut down due to pest problems. Don’t let this be you or your business, let Coutts Pest Control give you that piece of mind and confidence. Regular maintenance saves you major repairs.


The whole neibourhood doesn’t need to know you have a problem. We do not discuss service calls with anyone. What goes on is between you and us. Unmarked vehicle available upon request.