Having rats at home is a real nightmare, but there’s definitely a solution

Horror sets in as you spot a rat playing around you at your home. The fear of contracting rat-borne diseases and diseases caused by rat fleas, the anxiety of seeing your property getting damaged, and the terror of sustaining an injury due to a rat-bite may make rat control a really difficult job for you.

Adopting home remedies and setting mouse traps won’t help much as rodents are intelligent animals that can adapt to changes readily and are capable of learning by trial and error. This explains why it’s a tough job to build an “appropriate” mouse trap.

So does this mean that rat control is something which is beyond your capacity to achieve? Certainly not! Professional rat control services ensure that you, your family, and your property remain safe from the devastating effects of rat infestation.

When things go out of your control and demand specialized intervention, you certainly need to seek assistance from a rat control company. We, at Coutts Pest Control, understand rat behavior and the pattern of rat infestation and are well-equipped to handle any situation.

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Norway Rats are the most common type of Rat found in Ontario. They are 12.5- 20.5 cm in length. The colour of rats is a brown-grey black with a grey belly. A rat’s eyes sight is poor and they are colour blind.

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They generally live at or near ground level in nests and burrows in the ground. Under building, rubble, lumber piles and various different types of litter. A rat’s home is generally 15m-30m of it foraging territory.

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Life Cycle

In the wild the average life expectancy is about one year. On average a female with have 4-7 litters a year containing 2-22 young per litter.


Maintenance of yard i.e. Clear of debris and junk to limit rat habitat

Questions & Answers
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Yes they can be. The urine and dropping of rats can contaminate food and other places around the house. A rat urinates 16cc and leaves 30-180 droppings a day. They can also inflict a painful bite. A rats mouth is full of germs and carry dieses and if bitten seek medical attention immediately.

Yes they are excellent climbers. They are also excellent swimmers and jumpers.
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You will see burrows tunneled into the ground. You may also see dropping which are 25-40 mm in length. You may also notice gnaw marks on wood, concrete, brick or even electrical wires. They gnaw things to keep their teeth from growing too long and also keeps them sharp.

Its best to have a professional take care of the problem for you. Often people put out baits and traps and this leads to bait and trap shyness which can make the control and elimination more difficult.