About Us

Jer Coutts

Is the Proprietor and main Technician of the Company. However Coutts Pest Control is a family business where the whole family has contributed.

Jer’s wife Monique often comes out on bigger jobs to help out as it’s a family effort.

Jer has been licensed for over fifteen years. Jer is licensed through the University of Guelph and started working in Ottawa Ontario.

After working with various companies from Ottawa-Toronto, Jer opened up Coutts Pest Control in May 2013 in Pembroke Ontario.

After selling his beloved 4wheeler he went off. Jer would stay at a friends cabin with not water or electricity. He would shower at the local truck stop and it was just him and his Labrador Retriever.

After months of pounding pavement and grinding it out Jer started to move up in the world.

For the next eight plus years, Coutts Pest Control became the number one company in the Ottawa Valley. The years of hard work paid off.

In 2021 a choice was made to put the house up for sale and leave the place that had given Coutts Pest Control everything. In December 2021, Coutts Pest Control moved to Melfort Saskatchewan.

Jer had to pass the course from Saskatchewan Polytechnic which he did with ease by challenging the exams and skipping the entire course. Jer was issued Saskatchewan licences and became licensed for Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Now operating full time in Melfort Saskatchewan, Jer and his family are here to make a difference and raise the bar.

“I’m here to make a difference. I’m driven by results because that’s what makes our clients happy and in turn makes me happy.”