What Our Clients Say

"Jer came by today to lay down some traps for mice in the garage and the house. He's a perfectly cordial gentleman who explained exactly what he was doing and what the cost covered. He even offered to spray a wasp nest in the garage for free.

I'd recommend Jer for professional pest-control needs. I know what he did today is working because I can hear the mice chewing away at the bait in the trap. Looking forward to a mice-free house this fall and winter because of Jer."
  -Hashem Hmd UE

"Great service, great price and very informative and honest man."
   -Rick Dubeau

"Our wasp problem was way outside my comfort zone. Coutts Pest Control arrived on time and dealt decisively with those wasps. Laid the sledgehammer on them. Jer knows his stuff. Nuff said."
  -John Woodward

I’ve used Coutts Pest Control on a couple of occasions, for different pest related issues. On both occasions, the service received was friendly, knowledgeable, and as promised. The service was explained in advance, including the expected results, warranty, etc. – No surprizes. My pest problems were solved quickly and properly. The work was done right the first time and I will use Coutts Pest Control for any future pest control needs.
  -Jeremy Sprott

I would like to describe my completely successful experience with Coutts Pest Control. Upon reporting to Mr. Coutts that we had a “rodent” of some kind burrowing under our garage Mr. Coutts was on site within 24 hours.
Within only a day or so he had determined that we had a ground squirrel problem. He offered some alternatives to dealing with the problem and we chose one that ended the problem almost immediately.
My wife and I were most grateful to Mr. Coutts for his swift action in taking care of this worrisome problem.
I would highly recommend Coutts Pest Control’s services to anyone that has an insect or rodent problem.
Coutts really does “give pests the boots!
  Sincerely Steve and Jean McCulloch, Petawawa, ON

  • Wash all cloths and dry for 45min at highest temperature possible 
  • Place washed cloths into sealed, clear plastic bags
  • Place bags in bathtub
  • Remove all linen off of beds, wash, dry
  • Remove all electrical covers of all switches and outlets
  • Throw away, alarm clocks, make-up bags and contents if near the bed. I knows its an inconvenience but those items are very difficult to treat and we would do more damage to the items from treating them. So replace when possible
  • Empty all drawers and closets of contents and place into clear bags
  • Vacuum all contents, wash if possible
  • Move all furniture, desks, entertainment stands and bookcases 18 inches from the wall
  • Leave all furtniture accessible without items on top or covered
  • Vaccuum around base boards an carpet

These steps must be taken to exactness, not doing so may effect the treatment and may take longer to rid problem

Bed Bug Follow-up list/after treatment

  • Keep doing laundry on a regular basis. Wash, dry at highest possible temperature. Place washed cloths onto clear plastic bags and throw out used bags immediately. Do not ever re-use any bag that had any content in it. This will help prevent the re-infestation of bed bugs. 
  • Do not wash of chemical. 
  • Place electrical covers back onto outlets and switches 
  • Do not bring used beds or furniture into house
  • Vacuum bed area daily
  • Do not return items into drawers or closets until given ok from Pest Control Operator
  • Do not vaccuum around base boards if there is carpet. Dust will be applied betweet wall and carpet
  • Vaccuum around base boards if there is no carpet
  • Vaccuum drawers, closets, vanities

Not complying with all steps will void the warranty of the treatment

What Our Clients Say

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